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Sitara Aesthetic Clinic in Stow, OH is proud to offer state-of-the-art, non-invasive SkinTyte skin tightening, by Sciton. This revolutionary skin rejuvenation treatment can turn back the clock on loose, lax skin anywhere on the face or body – and take years off your appearance – without surgery and without downtime.

The SkinTyte system uses state-of-the-art infrared technology to deliver light and heat energy deep into the dermis. This stimulates collagen contraction and cellular regeneration for remodeling, lifting and tightening of the skin. The skin’s texture, tone, plumpness and elasticity, improves after a single treatment, and fine lines and wrinkles are reduced as skin becomes tighter and more firm. A series of SkinTyte treatments offers many of the benefits of a facelift – but without the pain, expense or downtime of surgery.

Normal aging of cells, sun exposure, heredity, gravity, hormone decline, weight gain or loss, environmental factors, and even lifestyle (including smoking, toxins, stress & tanning) all accelerate skin laxity – making the face, neck, “jowls” and other parts of the body sag and droop as we get older. But non-invasive SkinTyte infrared skin tightening re-activates the body’s own natural cellular regeneration processes, to contract and tighten the skin, and reduce the visible signs of aging.

If you would like smoother, tighter, younger looking skin, without the pain and long recovery of invasive procedures, schedule an appointment at Sitara Aesthetic Clinic in Stow, OH – and look years younger with SkinTyte skin tightening!

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