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What is microblading? 
Microblading is the artistic process of depositing semi-permanent ink into the outer layers of the skin using a tool referred to as a “Microblade” to create small strokes mimicking natural eyebrow hairs on people with sparse, missing, over-tweezed, or misshapen eyebrows. 

Who is a candidate?
The best candidates are those with healthy, normal-to-oily, normal, and normal-to-dry skin. During your multifactorial consultation, we will assess the quality of your skin and your health history to ensure it will be safe to perform this procedure and achieve optimal results. Not everyone is a candidate for this procedure, and may be better suited for an alternative form of semi-permanent makeup. There are options!

Who is not a candidate? 
People with very oily or thin skin; skin sensitivities; active, inflamed acne; and certain medical conditions may not be candidates. Some medications, including topical treatments, may need to be halted for a few weeks prior to your service. We will discuss this during your consultation and determine if we need a physician’s clearance to proceed.

Please call us to schedule your free consultation. We will be honest with you about your candidacy and strive to provide you the most beautiful result. 

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